This website is built for Alamanda K-9 College students to access online Math videos and tutorials in order to help them with their personal learning and goal setting during Math lessons. “Providing opportunities for students to personalize the learning objectives identified by the teacher can increase their motivation for learning.” (Brophy, 2004, Morgan, 198; Page-Voth & Graham, 1999). Students feel a greater sense of control over what they learn when they can identify how the learning is relevant to them. (CITW , McRel.) This website is built as a resource for Alamanda (and other) students to engage in the personal goal setting process.
Alamanda College Math lessons are designed using the understanding by design model of unit planning where students are exposed to what they need to know, understand and be able to do in order to further their conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts. As part of the MYP of the IB program, students are also exposed to a greater level of conceptual understanding through the Math concepts in a global context as listed as part of the IB program.
Alamanda College uses the standards from the Australian National Curriculum as a basis for academic content and assessment for student achievement as well as the planning and assessment guide from the MYP for assessment purposes.
Differentiated student learning and goal setting is catered through the use of personalised continuums at Alamanda College.

Customized Teaching. Differentiated Learning.

Alamanda College has high expectations of all students and we encourage them to strive to achieve their greatest potential to make a positive contribution to a diverse and ever changing local and global society. We will aspire to be a school renowned as a vibrant community that lives the school’s motto of ‘Dare to be wise’, in all our thoughts and actions.
In embracing the College motto, we will develop creativity and innovation and encourage students to test the limits of their intellectual and physical capabilities whilst displaying their moral convictions through their actions.
We seek to provide a challenging education in a safe, supportive environment. We will strive to build positive relationships within a learning, caring and inclusive school community in order to achieve the best possible educational experience for each student.
Students and staff are expected to engage in the total life of the College and to actively pursue a range of learning opportunities. The ultimate aim is to develop personal qualities and attitudes that will enable students to face the challenges of the future with confidence.