Construct suitable data displays, with and without the use of digital technologies, from given or collected data. Include tables, column graphs and picture graphs where one picture can represent many data values (ACMSP096)

LO: To construct data displays to collect data.

  • How to construct a data display
  • The different types of data displays


  • That different types of data displays can be constructed to represent data.


  • I can construct data displays

Data Tables

Data Tables

One way to collect data is to collect it in a data table.

Data collectors usually use tally tables to collect information.

To make it easier to read, data collectors usually use a cross tick for every fifth tally.

Column Graphs

This is a side column graph.

Column graphs use bars to represent data.


Data can also be represented using Pictographs.

Pictographs use pictures to represent information.

Sometimes each picture doesn’t have to represent 1 item. In this case, each paw print represents 2 votes. So there are 8 votes for cats, 4 votes for dogs and 6 votes for hamsters.

ACARA Work Samples

Data Displays Videos