Represent events in two-way tables and Venn diagrams and solve related problems (ACMSP292)

LO: To represent a set of data in a Venn Diagram


  • How to construct a Venn Diagram.


  • that Venn Diagrams can help visually represent a set of data .


  • I can construct a Venn Diagram and two-way tables.

Two-Way Tables

Two-way tables helps us to organize information.

If you look at the two-way table to the right, 4 boys have black hair, 4 boys are blonde and 10 boys have brown hair.

Venn Diagrams

Venn Diagrams can classify objects into 3 categories. A, B and both A&B.

Sometimes you can have a fourth category for those who don’t like A, B or both. They would be outside of the Venn Diagram.

Alex and Hunter only likes soccer.
Casey and Drew likes both Soccer and Tennis
Jade only likes Tennis

Venn Diagram Properties


Union is the number of people in the entire set.
It can be written with a ᵁ.

Intersection is when you are in both sets.
It can be written with a ∩ .

Difference is when you are only in one set.

Three-Way Venn Diagrams

Sometimes Venn Diagrams can have 3 circles. They work in a similar way as a two-way Venn Diagram, but they can accommodate for 7 (or 8) different outcomes.

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