Express numbers in scientific notation (ACMNA210)

LO: To express numbers in scientific notation.


  • How numbers are used in a base-10 model.


  • that scientific notation is a method of writing and simplifying very small and large numbers as a multiple of 10 to a power.


  • I can express numbers using scientific notation.

Examples (Visual Representations)

Scientific Notation

Since all western world numbers use a base-10 model (each number has a place value of 10), large numbers can be written using scientific notation.

This is used to help reduce mistakes in calculations. Remember if you add an extra zero or you miss a zero you could be making something 10 times bigger or smaller.

Large numbers can be written with a positive exponent (index) and small decimal numbers can be written with a negative exponent (index).

The exponent (index) basically corresponds with how many times you need to move the decimal to the right or left. If you need to move the decimal 5 to the right you would have a positive 5 as your index. If you have to move the decimal 4 to the left you would have a negative 4 as your index.


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