Create algebraic expressions and evaluate them by substituting a given value for each variable(ACMNA176)

LO: To create algebraic expressions and to understand the differences between a coefficient, variable and constant.


  • What an expression is
  • The four basic operations of numeracy


  • That expressions can be created


  • I can create algebraic expressions

Essential Questions:

  • What is an expression?
  • How can algebraic expressions be created?

What is an Expression?

An expression is one-half of a equation.
x – 6 is an expression.
x – 6 = 10 is an equation.

Equations always have an = sign.
It makes sense, equations has the word equal in it.

Coefficient is a number in front of a variable.
Variable is the letter that is the “missing value” of an expression.
Constant is a number that is included as part of an expression.

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