Investigate everyday situations that use integers. Locate and represent these numbers on a number line (ACMNA124)

LO: To identify real-life situations that use integers and to locate and represent these numbers on a number line.


  • What an integer is
  • When integers are used in real life


  • That integers are used every day to represent certain situations..


  • I can identify what an integer is
  • I can put integers on a number line.

Essential Questions:

  • What are integers?
  • When do we work with integers in the real world?
  • Are there only positive numbers in the world?
  • Does adding two numbers always give me a positive answer?

Integers are whole numbers which can be positive or negative.
Integers which are greater than > 0 are positive.
Integers which are less than < 0 are negative.

Examples of integers

  • 2, +4, -120, -13, 15

Not examples of integers

  • 2.5, 1/4, 37.86, $204.35, 32.5%

Integers on a number line

  • Negative numbers are usually to the left of 0.
  • Positive numbers are usually to the right of 0.
  • As you move further away from 0, the number gets larger (moving right) or the number gets smaller (moving left).

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