Investigate and Use Square Roots and Perfect Squares (ACMNA150)

LO: To identify perfect squares and square roots


  • What a square root is
  • What a perfect square is
  • What factors and multiples are
  • Multiplication facts


  • Square numbers are numbers that can form a perfect square shape
  • Square root is the opposite of finding the square of a number


  • I can identify square numbers
  • I can find square roots of square numbers

Examples (Visual Representations)

Square Numbers

Perfect squares from 1 to 30

Square roots of whole numbers.


Perfect squares are numbers which can complete a square shape without having any extra pieces left over.

Square root is the exact opposite of perfect squares. They usually look like a check mark √ with a line on top. Square roots are 2 identical numbers when multiplied together forms a number.

For example, 8 x 8 = 64, so the square root of 64 is 8.

Square Numbers and Square Root Videos

Student Generated Videos

Practice Questions

Pearson 7:

pg. 15 Ch 1.2 Q1C4,2col1,3col2,4C3,6,7C4,8,10,13C2,15. Extension: 17,19.

Big Ideas 7

1F pg. 24

My Maths 7

Pg 39 Q.13 – 19


What are perfect cubes?

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