Given coordinates, plot points on the Cartesian plane, and find coordinates for a given point (ACMNA178)

LO: To identify the coordinates of a point on the Cartesian plane and to plot a given coordinate on the Cartesian plane.


  • What a Cartesian plane is.

  • Numbers moving from left to right, on the Cartesian plane, increase in order.

  • Numbers moving from right to left, on the Cartesian plane, decrease in order.

  • Numbers moving upwards, on the Cartesian plane, increase in order.

  • Numbers moving downwards, on the Cartesian plane, decrease in order.

  • How negative integers work.


  • That points have a set of co-ordinates and those co-ordinates tell us the location of the point on the Cartesian Plane.


  • I can locate a point on a Cartesian Plane.

Co-Ordinates (Ordered Pair)

One phrase to help you remember co-ordinates or ordered pairs is:

Along the corridor, then up the stairs

2 across and 8 up!

2 across, and 3 up! (2,3)


Co-Ordinates (Ordered Pair) Videos