Construct simple prisms and pyramids (ACMMG140)

LO: To construct simple prisms and pyramids


  • the basic properties of 2-D shapes.

  • know the difference between a prism and a pyramid.

  • can name and draw nets, construct and classify these shapes.

  • simple vocabulary such as apex, base and face.


  • the properties of prisms and pyramids.


  • I can construct simple prisms and pyramids

Properties of Prisms

A prism is a 2-D shape stretched out to a certain depth.

One of the features of prisms is that you can cut anywhere along the depth of the prism and the face would be identical to the original face.

A prism has a face on one end which is identical to the face at the other end.

To sum it up, “a prism is a 3-D shape with identical ends, flat faces and the same cross-section along all of it’s length.”

Properties of Pyramids

A pyramid is a 3-D shape that shrinks from the base and eventually comes to a point (apex).

When you cut along a pyramid it does not look the same as the original base.

The name of the pyramid is usually named after the base of the pyramid.


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