Investigate the effect of one-step slides and flips with and without digital technologies (VCMMG123)

Identify and describe half and quarter turns (VCMMG124)

LO: To find what happens to an object when you flip, slide and turn them.

  • what does sliding an object mean
  • what does flipping an object mean
  • what does turning an object mean


  • that objects can slide, turn or be flipped and still maintain similar properties


  • I can turn, slide and flip objects



Slide means to move an object without turning it or flipping it.

An easy way to remember it is to slide across to the left or right.

You still look the same just moving over to the right or left.


Flip means to draw a mirror image of the item but on the other side of a mirror line.


Turn means to move an object from a certain point.

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