Measure, calculate and compare elapsed time(VCMMG227)

LO: To measure, calculate and compare elapsed time.


  • that the concepts of time (hours, minutes, days)

  • how to read a clock using the clock hands (small hand = hour, large hand = minute)

  • ante meridiem = am = before midday

  • post meridiem = pm = after midday

  • 1:00 pm = 1 hour after midday (13th hour of the day) = 1300

  • common language such as ‘quarter to’, ‘quarter past’ and ‘half past’ to describe time.


  • that elapsed time helps us to calculate how much time has passed between two segments of time.


  • I can measure, calculate and compare elapsed time.

Elapsed Time

Elapsed time is the amount of time that passes from the start of an event to its ending.

Using a number line is one of the easiest ways to help calculate elapsed time.

The “Z” method is also another way to use to calculate elapsed time.


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