Solve linear equations using algebraic and graphical techniques. Verify solutions by substitution (ACMNA194)

LO:To solve simple linear equations.


  • What a linear equation is.
  • What an “=” sign means.
  • How to create expressions.
  • Both sides of an equation need to be equal (balanced).


  • That linear equations have to be balanced on both sides and the process of solving linear equations is to find the missing value that balances both sides of the equati


  • I can solve simple linear equations by finding the unknown values.

Expressions and Equations

An expression does not have an equal sign.

An equation has an equal sign, which means that both sides need to be equal to each other or (balanced).

To solve a linear equation, basically, you’re trying to find the value for the variable that will make both sides of the equation balance each other.

Flowchart Method/Backtracking Method

Balance Model/Method

Virtual Manipulatives

Linear Equations Videos

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