Construct displays, including column graphs, dot plots and tables, appropriate for data type, with and without the use of digital technologies (ACMSP119)

LO: To construct data displays to collect data.


  • How to construct a data display
  • The different types of data displays


  • That different types of data displays can be constructed to represent data.


  • I can construct data displays.

Data Tables

One way to collect data is to collect it in a data table.

Data collectors usually use tally tables to collect information.

To make it easier to read, data collectors usually use a cross tick for every fifth tally.

Column Graphs

This is a side column graph.

Column graphs use bars to represent data.


Data can also be represented using pictographs.

Pictographs use pictures to represent information.

Sometimes each picture doesn’t have to represent 1 item. In this case, each paw print represents 2 votes. So there are 8 votes for cats, 4 votes for dogs and 6 votes for hamsters.

Dot Plots

Dot plots are similar to pictographs but using dots instead of pictures to represent data.

ACARA Work Samples

Data Display Videos