Year One 2017

Victorian Curriculum Success Criteria- Know, Understand, Do Novice Competent Expert
Represent practical situations to model addition and subtraction (VCMNA073)



Match groups having equal numbers to 10
Recognise the total of a visible collection of objects
Use comparative language to compare collections to10
Make or draw two collections of objects to 20
Use concrete materials when counting two collections of objects to 20
Make or draw two collections of objects to 20
Represent and solve simple addition and subtraction problems using a range of strategies including counting on, partitioning and rearranging parts(VCMNA089)

Year One


Model and draw two collections and join to find a total
Recognises +  = signs and use terms for addition
Count on from any given number to a specified number to 100
Solve addition problems using strategies such as, counting on, number lines
Create simple number stories to model addition tasks
Record simple addition sums using digits and appropriate signs
Use known facts to calculate simple sums involving addition and subtraction to 20
Explore the connection between addition and subtraction (VCMNA106)

Year Two


Solve simple addition and subtraction problems using a range of efficient mental and written strategies(VCMNA107)

Year Two

Use doubling to solve addition problems
Identify and select preferred strategy to solve addition and subtraction problems
Apply addition strategies, (counting on, number lines, skip counting, rounding up to the nearest ten) to solve real life problems
Generate own number sentences to demonstrate number patterns and relationships
Use vertical recording of addition and subtraction problems to 99 without regrouping
Solve addition problems in multiple ways, such as worded problem, number sentence, concrete materials & pictures
Add single digit numbers from 100 using a hundreds chart
Recognise and explain the connection between addition and subtraction (VCMNA132)

Year Three


Recall addition facts for single-digit numbers and related subtraction facts to develop increasingly efficient mental strategies for computation(VCMNA133)

Year Three

Automatically recal basic addition facts involving multi-digit numbers
Understand the relationship between addition and subtraction, modelling this with concrete materials, number lines, number sentences and worded problems
Use estimates to check the reasonableness of answers to calculations
Use simple known facts to mentally calculate to 100
Use near doubles to solve problems
Record, justify and explain strategies used
Use formal vertical recording of addition problems, using whole numbers and renaming
Use self correction strategies (eg calculators, commutativity) to check for accuracy
Automatically recall basic addition facts, involving multi-digit numbers




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