Identify and Investigate Issues with Numerical Data

Identify and investigate issues involving numerical data collected from primary and secondary sources(ACMSP169)

LO: To identify the properties of the Cartesian coordinate system


  • What an Cartesian plane is.


  • I can add integers.
  • Advantages of Primary Data

    • Surveys are generally easy to do. All you need to do is ask.
    • Usually based on unbiased information (if asking the questions correctly)
    • Data straight from the source

    Disadvantages of Primary Data

    • Could be time consuming
    • The data still needs to be interpreted
    • Methodology could be flawed. Eg.) Sampling could lead to different than “real world” results.

    Advantages of Secondary Data

    • Quickly find data that you don’t have to survey yourself.
    • Saves money so you don’t have to spend, money, time energy and effort to collect data again.
    • Spend more time analyzing the data than collecting it.
    • Can look at data over a long period of time.
    • Can get data from specialized personnel. (People who are paid to collect data)

    Disadvantages of Secondary Data

    • Data might not be reliable, since you didn’t do the survey yourself.
    • No control over who was surveyed.
    • Serious-ness of the data is lost.
    • Need to analyze the data yourself.
    • Data could also be flawed
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