Pose questions and collect categorical or numerical data by observation or survey (ACMSP118)

LO: To collect categorical or numerical data by observation or survey.

  • How to conduct a survey
  • How to answer questions to collect data
  • The difference between categorical and numerical data


  • To understand that categorical and numerical data can be collected through various means


  • I can collect categorical and numerical data

Types of Data

There are two different types of data.

Categorical data is data that can be separated into categories.
For example, hair colour, favourite ice cream flavour, colour of cars, favourite subject in school is all categorical data.

Numerical data is data that can be taken in as numbers.
For example, how many siblings do you have, how many Apple devices do you have in your house, how tall are you are all numerical data.

Numerical data is also measurable!

How to Obtain Data

Data can be obtained through surveys or observation.

Surveys involve asking questions from the people that you want information from.

Survey questions could be, “what is your favourite colour?”, “how many hours did you spend watching tv last night?”

Observation involves just looking at the samples and drawing your own conclusions.

Observations could be, “how many people in your class have dark hair?”, “how many boys are there in your class?”

With observations, judgments are involved, which could alter the results depending on the person collecting the information.

Numerical vs. Categorical Data Videos