Conduct chance experiments, identify and describe possible outcomes and recognise variation in results (ACMSP067)

LO: To conduct chance experiments and describe possible outcomes.

  • The probability scale ranges from 0 to 1.
  • Terminology to describe chance situations


  • That chance experiments can have different possible outcomes and results may vary.


  • I can conduct chance experiments

Conducting Chance Experiments

The most common chance experiments involve using dice, spinners, coins and cards.

Describing Outcomes Using Vocabulary

We can use certain vocabulary to describe the chance that a situation is going to happen.

Favourable outcomes are outcomes that we want.

Possible outcomes are all the total outcomes that can happen.

Recognising Variation in Results

Sometimes the results might not be what we expect this is called variation.

Just because the pieces are all equal, the results might not result in that way.

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