Assign probabilities to the outcomes of events and determine probabilities for events (ACMSP168)

LO: To assign probabilities to outcomes of events.


  • how to calculate the probabilities of an outcome of an event.


  • that the outcomes of events can have different probabilities based on their circumstances.


  • I can assign probabilities to the outcomes of events..


    Probability Line

    The probability of an event occurring ranges from 0 to 1. 0 means it is impossible to happen, while 1 means that it’s certain to happen.

    1/2 or (0.5) is half way or an evens chance of occurring.

    If it is more than (>) 0.5 then it is more likely to occur.
    If it is less than 0.5 (<) 0.5 then it is less likely to occur.

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