Solve simple problems involving inverse proportion (VCMNA327)

LO: To solve simple problems involving inverse proportion.

  • What a fraction is.
  • How to rearrange a formula to change the subject
  • Understand terminology such as squared, doubled and halved
  • The inverse operation to a certain operation


  • That inverse proportion shows a relationship between 2 variables where when one variable increases the other variable decreases.


  • I can solve simple problems involving inverse proportions.

Visual Representations


Inverse proportion is when 1 quantity increases while another quantity decreases. This is said to be inversely proportional.

In this example, the 2 variables are “x” and “y” with “k” being the constant of proportionality. This is the factor for how much 1 variable is affected by another variable.

Worked Examples

Inverse Proportion Videos

Textbook Questions

My Maths 10/10A

Exercise 3F pg. 135 Q. 1-6, 16-17Exercise 2F pg. 85 Q. 1-4, 7-8, 11

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