Simplify algebraic expressions involving the four operations

LO:To simplify algebraic expressions

  • What an expression is
  • The four basic operations of numeracy


  • That we can simplify algebraic expressions..


  • I can simplify algebraic expressions..

Essential Questions:

  • How can expressions be simplified?

Like/Unlike Terms

Terms containing exactly the same pronumerals are called liked terms.
Eg.) 3x and 7x are like terms because they have the same variables.

5a and 7b are unlike terms because they have different variables.

Combining Like Terms

We can simplify expressions by adding or subtracting like terms.

3a + 6a = 9a
10p – 2p = 8p

An easy way to think about it is. If I had 3 apples and I’m adding another 6 apples to it, I would have 9 apples in total.

If I had 10 pears and subtracted 2 pears, I would have 8 pears remaining.

We can not simplify expressions by adding or subtracting unlike terms.

3a – 8p

If I had 3 apples, I can’t take away 8 pears from it.

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