Factorising Algebraic Expressions (8)

Factorise algebraic expressions by identifying numerical factors (ACMNA191)

LO:To factorise algebraic expressions.

  • What an expression is
  • The four basic operations of numeracy


  • That factorizing algebraic expressions is the opposite of expanding algebraic expressions..


  • I can factorize algebraic expressions..

Essential Questions:

  • How can expressions be factorized?

Factorising an Expression

Factorising an expression is the opposite of expanding an expression.
To factorise an expression you have to find common factors, between the terms and pull them out.

When you expand the expression out, it’s called the distributive law.

3ab + 9b can be factorized into 3b (a + 3) because 3b is common to both terms and can be removed to simplify the expression.

How to Factorise Expressions

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