Extend and apply the distributive law to the expansion of algebraic expressions(ACMNA190)

LO:To apply the distributive law to an expression

  • What an expression is
  • The four basic operations of numeracy


  • That the distributive law is used to simplify algebraic expressions..


  • I can apply the distributive law..

What is the distributive law?:

  • How can distributive laws be used?

An expression is a simplified form to represent something.
Sometimes in order to solve equations you need to expand the simplified form out.

When you expand the expression out, it’s called the distributive law.

3 (x + 5) can be written out as 3x + 15.
4p (3q + 9a) = 12pq + 36ap (usually when we re-write expressions, we do it in alphabetical order)

What is an Percentage?

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