Recall addition facts for single-digit numbers and related subtraction facts to develop increasingly efficient mental strategies for computation(ACMNA055)


To recognise single-digit addition and subtraction facts.


  • How to Subtract
  • How to add


  • That there are addition and subtraction facts to help aide mental strategies for computation


  • I can use number facts to add and subtract quickly.


Adding means to increase your original size (making it bigger). You are adding more to the original.

There are 10 addition rules (ways) to make 10.

If I have 1. In order to make 10, I always have to add 9 to it. Same with if I have 2. I always have to add 8 to it to make 10.

The sum is the result when you add all the numbers together.


Subtracting means to decrease (take away) from your original amount. You are making the original amount smaller.

Remember adding and subtracting are opposites. 7 + 3 = 10, so 10 – 7 = 3.

So if you know your friends of 10 addition facts, then the friends of 10 subtraction facts should be fairly easy.

The difference is the result when you subtract all the numbers.

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