Compare fractions using equivalence. Locate and represent positive and negative fractions and mixed numbers on a number line (ACMNA152)

LO: To compare fractions using equivalence and located them on a number line.


  • the ascending order of fractions

  • how to calculate the equivalence of a fraction

  • >, <, = signs

  • how a number line operates.


  • That the numerator determines how large or small a fraction is when the same denominator is used.


  • I can compare fractions using equivalence and locate fractions on a number line.

Visual Representations

Teaching Notes

When comparing fractions using equivalence, you need to make sure that you’re comparing the fractions using the same/common denominator.

One way to do this is to make equivalent fractions.

Equivalent fractions are fractions that are identical. They just have different denominators.

All of these fractions are equivalent fractions.

You also need to know signs in order to compare fractions.

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Textbook Resources

My Maths 8

Exercise 1C pg. 19 Q. 10-13

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