Make models of three-dimensional objects and describe key features (ACMMG063)

LO: To make models of 3-D shapes and describe key features.


  • the basic features of 3-D shapes.

  • the name and features of 2-D shapes.


  • that a 3-D object is a solid figure with 3 dimensions consisting of length, width and height.


  • I can make and classify models of 3-D objects and describe their key geometric properties.

Different Types of 3-D Shapes

3-D shapes have 3 dimensions.

Describing 3-D Shapes

One way to describe 3-D shapes is by determining their properties.

A face is the flat surface of the 3-D shape.

An edge is where 2 faces meet.

A vertex (vertice) is the corner of the 3-D shape.

Usually, 2-D shapes are described with how many sides and corners they have, 3-D shapes we describe them by their edges, vertices and faces.

Nets can be folded to form 3-D shapes. They are basically flattened versions of 3-D shapes.

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