Describe and draw two-dimensional shapes, with and without digital technologies (ACMMG042)

LO: To compare and order shapes and objects.


  • the basic 2-D shapes

  • how to use scaled instruments to measure objects.

  • the definition of ascending and descending order.

  • the language/vocabulary used to describe 2-D shapes (edges, corners)


  • that 2-D shapes have different properties and identification features.


  • I can describe and draw 2-D shapes.

Different Types of 2-D Shapes

Describing 2-D Shapes

One way to describe 2-D shapes is by determining whether they are a polygon or non-polygon.

Polygons are made completely out of straight lines.

Non-polygons have curved lines or are not completely closed.

We can also describe 2-D shapes by the number of sides that they have.

A 3-sided shape is called a triangle.

A 4-sided shape is called a quadrilateral. Quad usually means “4”.


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