Calculate the areas of composite shapes (VCMMG312)

LO: To find area of composite shapes.


  • the dimensions of 2-D shapes such as length and width (height).

  • how to classify different 2-D shapes by their properties.

  • what the formulas for calculating the area of different 2-D shapes.


  • That formulas can be used to quickly and efficiently find the area of composite shapes.

  • That composite shapes can be broken down to simple 2-D shapes.


  • I can find the area of composite shapes.


  • understanding that partitioning composite shapes into rectangles and triangles is a strategy for solving problems involving area.

Area of Composite Shapes

Composite shapes are shapes that have a combination of 2-D shapes.

To find the area of composite shapes you just need to break down the shape into individual pieces and calculate their separate pieces then add them back together again to find a total area.

Finding the Area of Composite Shapes (alternative methods)

Another way of finding the area of composite shapes is to use a subtraction model.

I could break the shape to the right into 2 pieces and find the area of the square then the area of the rectangle.

Alternatively, I can find the area of the entire shape (16 x 12) then subtract the missing piece (in pink) from the larger piece.

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