Conditions for Congruence of Triangles

Develop the conditions for Congruence of Triangles (ACMMG201)

LO: To determine if two triangles are congruent.

  • The definition of congruence.


  • That shapes that have the same properties are congruent.


  • I can determine the properties for two triangles to be congruent.

Triangle Congruency Rules


Congruent means a shape that is exactly equal in size and shape.

Congruent angles means that angles that have the same measure. These two angles are congruent.

SSS – Side, Side, Side Congruence Rule

ASA – Angle, Side, Angle Congruence Rule

RHS (Right-angled Triangles) – Right, Hypotenuse, Side Congruence Rule

SAS – Side, Angle, Side Congruence Rule

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