Draw different views of prisms and solids formed from combinations of prisms (ACMMG161)

LO: To construct different views of prisms and solids


  • the definition of a prism and a pyramid.

  • different views (front, side and top) of a drawing can exist.


  • that different views of objects can exist and used to represent the object.


  • I can draw different views of prisms and solids.

Different Views

A prism is a 2-D shape stretched out to a certain depth.

One of the features of prisms is that you can cut anywhere along the depth of the prism and the face would be identical to the original face.

A prism has a face on one end which is identical to the face at the other end.

When drawing different views of prisms, we usually use 3 different views:
– Front View
– Side View
– Top View


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