Solve linear simultaneous equations, using algebraic and graphical techniques including using digital technology (ACMNA237)

LO:To solve simple linear simultaneous equations


  • What a linear equation is..
  • How to graph inequalities on a number line..
  • How to solve linear equations..


  • that simultaneous equations can be used to help solve real world problems.


  • I can solve simultaneous equations.

Simultaneous Equations

Simultaneous equations are equations that are occurring at the same time.

​Basically what it’s asking you for is to solve for the variables.

First Step to Solving Simultaneous Equations

“Make 1 of the variables the same.”

In this case we made the “a” co-efficient the same.

Second Step to Solving Simultaneous Equations

“Solve for 1 of the variables.”

Third Step to Solving Simultaneous Equations

“Replace the first variable back into an equation and solve for the other variable.”

Simulataneous Equations Videos

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