Plot linear relationships on the Cartesian plane with and without the use of digital technologies (ACMNA193)

LO:To plot linear relationships on the Cartesian Plane


  • What a linear equation is..
  • How to use co-ordinates to plot points.


  • That linear equations can be used as graphical representations to show a linear relationship on the Cartesian Plane.


  • I can plot linear relationships on the Cartesian plane.

Linear Relationships

Linear relationships show a steady increase or decrease between two variables.

In this case, distance and time have a linear relationship as the distance is 25 times the value of the time.

For every 1 unit of time it increases, the distance increases by 25 units.

How to Graph Linear Relationships

To graph linear relationships, you need to first set up a T-Chart.

Then you insert values for “X” and find out the corresponding values for “Y”. In this case when X = -3, then Y = 1 and when X = -2 then Y = 2.

Once you have values for X and Y, you can use those values as co-ordinates and plot that on the Cartesian Plane.

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