2017 – Skittles Assessment Task – Year 7 and 8

Skittles Assessment Task Checklist Year Level Standard Point Value Completed
Frequency Table of Skittles Colours 6 1
Calculated the Expected Frequency of Skittles Colours 6 1
Conclusion on Expected Frequency vs. Observed Frequency 6 1
Column Graph of Skittles (including title, labels) 7 2
Assign Probabilities (in decimal and percentage form) to the Outcomes of Events 7 2
Calculate mean, median, mode and range for the class data of each colour. 7 2
Pie Graph of Skittles (including title, labels) 8 3
Table of Complementary Events of Skittles Colours 8 3
Identify Outliers in Data 8 3
Draw a Tree Diagram for Two-Step Chance Experiment to Represent all Possible Outcomes 9 4
Calculate Relative Frequency To Estimate Probability of Skittles 9 4
Compare Data (using Back-To-Back Dot Plots) with Mr. Ma’s example or Another Student’s and Generate Comparisons and Conclusions 9 4
Calculate Three-Step Probability of Outcomes With Replacement 10 5
Calculate Three-Step Probability of Outcomes Without Replacement 10 5
*Challenge: Construct box and whisker plots to represent the class data of the 5 different types of Skittle colours 10
**Challenge: Calculate the standard deviation of each of the different Skittles colours with your collected data. 10A
Question Sheet 30


A Standard – 60+ points.

B Standard – 51-59 Points.

C Standard – 21-36 Points.

D Standard – 20 or less Points.

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